Handwriting Analysis with Andrea McNichol 8 hour DVD Course: A Video Introduction to Graphology For Everyone
Andrea's complete 8-hour program is the same dynamic course that thousands of people have paid nearlv $400 to attend. When you view the videos, you'll see why learning is easy and fun with Andrea's fast-paced, entertaining program.

In her DVD course, Andrea teaches you how to determine traits like emotional stability, reliability compatibility, potential for success, sexuality, and overall honesty -- including the traits most often found in the handwriting of criminals. You'll learn how to tell how intelligent or creative someone is, whether they're lazy or hard working, and how they behave in a crisis.

Along with the videos you'll get Andrea's easy to use companion workbook, filled with handwriting samples of famous men and women throughout the ages. 8 hours of digital video and workbook:

US$ 90.00 (immediate download after checkout)

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"Anyone who is not making use of graphology is missing out on a wonderful diagnostic, investigative tool, and should contact Andrea right away."

--Captain Dennis Cramer, Police Chief, Collegedale, TN

Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work For You
A Written Introduction to Graphology For Everyone

Andrea McNichol's 349-page bestselling book covers the basics of handwriting analysis in a way that no other book ever has.

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Praised for its simple, powerful and convincing demonstrations of how and why handwriting analysis works, this book lets you "be the graphologist." Andrea begins most chapters with a real life case from her files, and lets you try your own hand at solving it. By the end of the chapter, you will have learned enough to solve the mystery yourself.


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"If you love playing Clue and reading whodunits, HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: Putting It to Work for You is the logical conclusion."
-- Los Angeles Daily News

The Doodle Test DVD Program

A Doodle Interpretation DVD For Everyone
The Doodle Test video Program is a fun and easy way to analyze many key personality elements, such as your confidence level, self image, competitiveness, feelings about your parents, sex, and much more.
Simply doodle the first thing that comes to mind in each of the two test sheets included. (No artistic talent required.)
After you've finished doodling, watch the video to interpret your test. You'll soon see exactly why Andrea says your doodles reveal oodles about you.
In addition to The Doodle Test, Andrea shows you how to interpret a wide variety of your favorite, everyday doodles, such as doodles of boxes, spider webs, triangles, houses and people.
The Doodle Test Video Program comes with extra test copies and, after taking it yourself, you'll want to give it to everyone you know. Doodle parties are great fun!
1-hour digital video and PDF workbook: US$30.00 (immediate download after purchase)

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"The Doodle Test was incredibly fun, and I really have to say that my
friends and I learned a lot of things about each other that we didn't know."

-- Jim Compton, Engineer, Woodland Hills, CA

Hidden Messages In Your Children's Writing

For Parents, Teachers & All Who Care for Children

Andrea has written a very special and important booklet for understanding your children, Hidden Messages in Your Children's Writing. Designed for analyzing the drawings, doodles and handwriting of children ages 2 through 17, this illustrated 64-page booklet will show you how to use graphology to learn what your children are really feeling, but may not be saying.

You'll learn ways to determine: how your child is progressing compared to other children his age; what his hidden talents and abilities are; and whether he is happy, intelligent, well-adjusted, stable, and in good health. Andrea also shows some important warning signs that indicate it's time to get your child professional help, including tips on spotting drug and alcohol use.

If you have children or are a teacher, this booklet is an absolute must.

64-page book: US$ 15.00 (immediate download of book in PDF file after purchase)


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"Since reading Andrea's Children's book, my kids' drawings and letters have taken on a whole new meaning to me. I'm able to see how they're really feeling about so many things, and have been able to give help when when I otherwise wouldn't have realized it was needed."
--Melanie Newbold. Day Care Supervisor, Elk Grove, CA

Dishonesty In Handwriting DVD Program
For All Law Enforcement, Security, & Lay Public

Use graphalogy to spot thieves, liars, rogues and your average, everyday "bad guys!"

In this two-hour DVD video program, Andrea McNichol shows you how to use handwriting to get honest people into your life -- in your business, home, or personal relationships.

Filled with the handwriting of infamous criminals, Andrea also devotes a section to spotting the signs associated with the potential for violence, with special warnings on when it's time to take action.

2-hour digital video and PDF workbook download: US $30.00


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"I use the information from Andrea's Dishonesty Video every day. It's
proven so accurate that I don 't fully trust someone anymore until
I've checked out their handwnting. "

-- Peter Drew, Professor, New York, NY

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