Who holds back his feelings, A or B?

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Who has more pride, A or B?

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Who's lying, Ms. A or Ms. B?

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Which Mrs. Smith wants a divorce?

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One of my methods for demonstrating that Graphology is valid in all of my teaching materials is to ask you to be your own guinea pig and see the logic of graphology for yourself, as I hope you've begun to do.

Here's the idea: If I asked you a question on a subject you knew nothing about, gave you five seconds or less to give me the right answer from two choices, and without any help you gave me the right answer, what would this mean?

For example, look at samples A and B below. One of them was written by a flamboyant salesman, and one was written by a shy, introverted accountant. Which one was written by the flamboyant salesman, A or B?

I'll bet you correctly said that sample B was written by the salesman. Now, could the fact you gave the right answer have happened just by chance?

Well, what if I asked you twenty questions and gave you five seconds or less to give me the right answer to each, and it turned out that you got all twenty answers correct? Could that happen by chance?

What if I asked ten thousand people a hundred questions, and it turned out that every one of those ten thousand people, in less than five seconds, gave me the right answers to each of the hundred questions? Could that happen just by chance? Of course not!

Well, that is exactly how in my books and videotapes I hope to show that graphology works:

1. Before giving any explanations, I ask you a series of questions calling for YOU to interpret graphic movement.

2. I give you five seconds to answer each question, and I'm certain that you will get nearly every answer right

3. When that happens, I hope you will agree there must be some logical reasons why you -- and everybody else who answers these questions -- get the right answers.

At that point, I hope you will also agree that there must be some logic to the science of interpreting graphic movement. After all, everybody couldn't get all the answers right just by chance, could they?

No. They could not.


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