What People Say About Andrea McNichol & Her Products

"I went to Andrea's seminar a skeptic, and came away a believer. I've used her expertise to develop suspects in mysterious cash disappearances, and have identified the perpetrators! I constantly use her teachings to identify lies in written statements. I am amazed at how easy it becomes to identify liars, drug abusers and other problem employees just by the handwritten word."
--Michael Magill, CPP, Loss Prevention Director, Longs Drug Stores, Walnut Creek, CA.
"Thanks to Andrea McNichol I have positive, satisfying relationships instead of the previous hit and miss approach that lead to dishonest, bungling, or destructive people. No more frazzled nerves! No more trips to small claims court or legal fees. Graphology really works!
--Sylvia Immel, Artist, Sherman Oaks, CA
"What Andrea McNichol taught me has helped me in hiring, firing, and making a myriad of decisions. I now find graphology essential.
--Michael Barnathan, Movie & TV Producer, Los Angeles, CA
"I cannot remember ever having taken a class from which I derived greater profit or enjoyment than I received from Andrea McNichol's graphology class."
--Dr. Byron Newman, Los Angeles, CA
"Andrea's course gives you the power to see past what people want you to see, and that's a pretty incredible thing."
--Edward Molyneaux, Attorney, San Francisco, CA
"It still astounds me that Andrea McNichol can look at a bunch of written statements and pick out who committed the crime. Yet she's done it for us time and again."
--Larry C. Brown, Human Resources Manager, United Technologies, Hartford, CT
"Andrea's course is the most logical presentation of graphology I have ever seen. It's practical, and can be put to work on many different levels."
--Matthew Shapiro, Corporate Consultant, Los Angeles, CA
"Andrea McNichol's presentation was wonderful. She's very clear, very specific, and very passionate about what she's talking about. And we laughed a lot! I recommend this class to everyone!"
--Lauren Gale, Sales, New York, NY
"I'm going home with some tools that as a therapist I can use in my practice and in my personal life. I would recommend this course to anybody because it was great fun as well as educational."
--Joy Cash, Psychologist, Buena Park, CA
"I'm impressed by graphology in that it's a way of understanding a person in a very unobtrusive way. Based on what I learned from Andrea, I think graphology is as valid as, or perhaps ever more valid than a lot of the psychological tests we use."
--Martin Ross, Clinical Psychologist, North Hollywood, CA
"I find Andrea's material in general has been a very good way to learn about graphology, and a lot of her techniques -- especially in the dishonesty realm -- have been some of the most effective ones I've seen."
--Richard Gracer, MD, Chronic Pain Specialist, Walnut Creek, CA
"The only way to really match a person to a job, I have found, is through graphology. And Andrea McNichol's program shows you how to match the right people with the job. More importantly, even from staying for years, you find people that are honest."
--Karen Greenhouse, Management Consultant, Los Angeles, CA
"Before I saw Andrea's course, I was a definite skeptic. To me, it was voo doo. And I can tell you, Andrea really made a believer out of me."
--Jim Blackburn, R&D Machinist, Long Beach, CA
"Every time you look at a newspaper, turn on the TV, you see about some baby-sitter having done some unspeakable thing to a child. I always use the tools I've learned from Andrea to screen baby-sitters and child care people. I've found it tremendously helpful."
--Chris Stephenson, Probation Officer, Oakland, CA
"When you hire the wrong employee it costs you a lot of money. When you hire the right employee, you can earn a lot of money. And by using graphology, and Andrea's course, we have done very well."
--Corliss Krivoy, Veterinarian Hospital Owner, Westlake, CA
"Andrea as a teacher is just superb. She has a way of making people comfortable -- laughing, and opening them up so that they can really learn what she's teaching."
--Leslie Petrovich, Small Business Operator, Manhattan Beach, CA
"Are they reliable? Are they dependable? Are they honest? Are they on drugs? These are the things that graphology can tell you."
--Dr. Robert Abeloff, Dentist, Beverly Hills, CA
"What I like about Andrea's course is that it gives me a way to look inside that person, and find out things that I would never know otherwise."
--Georgia Jessup, Speech Pathologist, Los Angeles, CA

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